360 W. State



Stories: 3

Historic Use: Commercial/Meeting Space

New Use: 1 apartment on 2nd floor; 3rd floor vacant

Sq. footage: 2,000 sq. ft. bldg., 20’ x 100’

Construction: Brick load-bearing walls, plaster and lath interior partitions, stone foundation, wood roof and fl

Code Information:

Type of Construction: 3A

Occupancy Class: R-3, Residential

Light 8% req: 1 window = 337 sq. ft.

Ventilation 4% req: 1 window = 337 sq. ft.

Max room size w/ 3 windows:  1,011 sq. ft.

Max Occupancy Load: 2,000 sq. ft./200 = 10

Min. Number of Exits: OccLoad < 10 = 1 Exit

Common Path of Egress: 30' (max is 75')

Exit Access Travel Distance: 75' (max is 200')

Vertical Exit Enclosure: Not Enclosed*

*Code requires one hour fire rating on vertical exit enclosures; however owner wanted to keep the stairs open. Code official allowed a single sprinkler head to be installed instead of the one hour fire enclosure.



The owner's renovation included the 1st floor, which is now commercial, and converting the 2nd to rental residential. The 3rd floor is vacant. The apartment has one bedroom, approx. 2,000 sq. ft., and rents for $750 per month. The rehab cost for the apartment was around $40 per sq. ft., which included new plumbing, electrical, HVAC, interior walls, fixtures and finishes.

Since this project, the owner has bought another building to rehab for 2nd floor apartments. he plans to put in one two bedroom apartment which he believes will have higher market value. He anticipates the rehab cost of this apartment to be around $30/sq. ft.  He reduced the cost on the first project by completing much of the work himself and anticipates doing the same on the second project. 

floor plan

floor plan

before and after

before and after